Dry-ice-pellets – diameter 16mm

These dry-ice-pellets have a diameter of 16mm and lengths between 30 and 60mm and therefore have our coarsest granulation. The pellets are again produced by compressing carbon dioxide-snow via our self-developed machines with its certain extruder plates. If you are interested in our equipment please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Cooling of cargos and dry-ice-mist

Due to their size and endurance these 16mm pellets are perfectly designed for the cooling of cargos. On the one hand you can easily cool down groceries by placing the dry ice around the goods. On the other hand dry ice can also be used for the transport and cooling of sensitive and perishable pharmaceutical drugs, for example in hospitals or laboratories.

Furthermore, dry ice can be used for fog machines that can create tremendous show effects for parties, film productions or various stage shows. Our more common 16mm pellets are therefore widely applicable and impress with their extra-long durability. If you have any questions concerning the perfect granulation for your purposes, please do not hesitate to ask our competent and helpful team.

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