Dry Ice Machines

Due to our profound experiences Oknal not only established itself successfully and permanently as dry-ice-producer, but over the years also developed a precise and deep knowledge of the different applications, granulations and formats of dry ice. This profound knowledge became the basis of the development and production of our own dry-ice-machines that guarantee to fulfil all of your personal requirements and demands.

Production of dry-ice-machines

We at Oknal’s invest in the development of our own machines, and our success proves us right: our offer includes the 3mm, 10mm, and 16mm pellets with its different granulations as well as various multi-functional machines. The ejection of dry ice therefore varies between 150kg to 600kg per hour – it always depends on your individual needs and requirements.

Our dry-ice-machine Dry Ice Jet 7000 can be used as a mobile and most flexible tool. Adjust the pressure ranging between 2.5-3.0 bar and 13.0-14.0 bar according to your personal requirements in order to efficiently remove even the most resistant layers of dirt permanently and on all kind of surfaces. The Dry Ice Jet 7000 runs on rollers and can be trundled easily around.

Distinguished advice – demand-actuated dry-ice-machines

We, your dry ice specialists, most certainly offer you distinguished advice concerning the wide range of our dry-ice-machines and all their advantages in order to find the best solution for your personal needs. Please feel free to contact us any time via phone or mail – we will be pleased to give you our profound advice.

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