Cool Boxes

OKNAL’s insulated containers were produced on the basis of profound experiences. The boxes are made of monoblock-glass fibre-polyester which was moulded during rotation system and thereby, we were able to ensure excellent quality. All attachments such as hinges, tension locks or transport handles are embedded to the box and permanently connected to the GFK-disks- consequently, you can rely on its high resilience.

Insulated containers and its high quality

In order to withstand the enormous exposure due to frequent un- and uploading, OKNAL’s dry-ice insulated containers are covered with metal and equipped with stands. The container’s high quality ensures and guarantees a continuous cold chain, even when transporting temperature-sensitive products and materials.

  • recessed tension locks
  • stackable containers with moulded metal-plate-covers
  • integrated hinges for fastening
  • four recessed transport handles (optional)
  • opening aid and locking mechanism via gas pressure springs
  • drain plug
  • silicon seal (optional)
  • base with four rotatable rolls including two rolls with breaks (optional)

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