The wide range of our offered dry-ice-blocks guarantees that all your wishes and requirements can be fulfilled. Our machines can cut the compressed carbon dioxide-snow into blocks and discs of various sizes and formats according to your demands, providing all enormous density and durability and cooling.

Utilization of dry-ice-blocks

The most common application of dry-ice-blocks is based on their enormous durability as they can cool all kinds of goods and products over a long period of time. Again, we provide a wide range of formats in order to enable you to fulfil your personal requirements, such as the cooling of groceries, pharmaceutics or other medical objects. In addition, our blocks of dry ice can be used for cooling drinks and food by professional catering services or on your own personal party. Moreover, dry-ice-blocks can be used as an emergency cooling aid if electrical cooling systems fail and the cooling chain must not be interrupted or as mobile fridge and freezer. Even in industry dry ice became recently indispensable because of its capabilities to support or stop chemical processes for example in reactor technology. If you have any questions concerning the perfect format and size of our dry-ice-blocks, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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