Dry Ice Boxes

As you know, dry ice is produced by firstly compressing gaseous carbon dioxide in order to liquefy it. Secondly, by reducing the pressure back to normal parts of the CO2 evaporate and withdraw most of the contained heat. As a results, the other part of the carbon dioxide remains in a snow like condition and reaches temperatures of about -79°C. However, this CO2-snow melts even faster than common ice, even in a freezer dry ice sublimes about 10% of its mass in 24 hours, which makes it most reasonable to take precautions to ensure an optimal storing.

Demand-oriented orders – minimising losses

The sublimation process already begins with the purchase of the product what you should take into account before ordering in order to minimise your losses. The shorter the duration of time before using the product the better. Please do not store the purchased dry ice in common freezers or fridges, as it might damage your cool box by outgassing. We strongly recommend a cool box that perfectly applies to all your requirements and would be most pleased to inform you about our wide range of products.

Expertise and professional cool box production

Our broad knowledge, competences and experiences constitute the basis for the production of high-quality materials, functional designs as well as practical and useful extras. We produce cool boxes on our own and thereby are able to guarantee a long lasting durability and excellent quality. By discovering each product’s features, one might experience numerous benefits this isolation container offers.

Precautions and safe handling

Simultaneously, it is our duty to point out that the contact with dry ice requires particular caution. Please wear protection clothes and gloves at all times in order to minimise emerging risks. We are delighted to assist your decision-making process as we are your dry-ice specialists.

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