Dry-ice-nuggets/sticks – diameter 10mm

The dry-ice-nuggets or sticks are produced in the same way as our pellets except with different extruder plates. The diameter of the sticks and nuggets is 10mm, while the length may differ. Due to their bigger size the nuggets cannot be used for cleaning purposes but sublime way slower.

Dry ice for cooling purposes

We recommend to apply our dry-ice-nuggets for the cooling of cargos like groceries or perishable pharmaceutical drugs. When the dry-ice-nuggets are stored in the appropriate containers the opening causes a certain mist, which also allows the transport of organs used for medical implantations.

Our pellets sized between 3mm and 16mm filled a gap in the market. We are delighted to elaborate our format’s advantages since we have gathered profound experiences in the course of the past years.

If you have any questions concerning our 10mm nuggets, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information as we explicitly decided to focus on its production.

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