Dry ice can be deployed in various ways, especially our dry-ice blocks are eminently suitable for transport refrigeration. By reaching a temperature of -79°C, it requires careful handling and professional packaging in order to provide the optimal transport of your goods or materials.

Proper handling – packing dry ice products

The goods should never be directly exposed to the dry ice pellets and blocks as freezer burns may occur and spoil sensitive products such as groceries or pharmaceutics. Certainly, groceries or other sensitive products can easily be protected against freezer burns by using packaging of paper and polystyrene or by directly packing the dry ice, which does not only facilitates the handling but also improves the general safety.

Coherent processes – Oknal’s first class products

In Packing as well as in the production of dry ice, we prefer relying on our own innovative designs: our self-constructed packaging machine perfectly complements the dry ice production processes. Freshly produced blocks of dry ice are automatically transferred to our packing devices and directly filled into tubular films. This process guarantees a clean and sterile packing into specially sealed bags. If you have any questions regarding the advantages of our packing processes, please feel always free to ask for further advice or help.

Proper handling – optimal cooling

The best way of cooling products is to lay the blocks of dry ice on top of the transported goods. As cold and heavier air sinks, the cargo can be easily cooled top-down without its temperature falling below the minimum and interrupting the cool chain. Our special know-how enables us to supply both food processing facilities and pharmaceutic businesses. We at Oknal’s are fully aware of our serious responsibility and are sure that we can answer all your questions to your full satisfaction as we are your dry-ice-specialist.

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